Inverter welder Fabricator 211i


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This is the Boy for site welding & Fabrication Work Once you Own this it will make the Job Easier Fabricator 211i dual voltage (110/230V) single phase multiprocess inverter welding system with Tweco MIG Torch Part Number: W1004207 Reverse Polarity Facility - Allows use of self shielding wires for outdoor applications Up to 15kg Wire Spool Capacity - Allows easy installation of wire spool sizes. Dual Voltage - 230V Input allows up to 210A welding output for use in workshops. 110V Input allows up to 140A welding output for on-site work. Spool Gun Compatible - For MIG welding aluminium. 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES 62020 Feed Roll 0.6/0.8mm V groove (hard) 62022 Feed Roll 0.9/1.2mm V groove (hard) 62179 Feed Roll 0.8/0.9mm U groove (soft) 62024 Feed Roll 1.0/1.2mm U groove (soft) 62028 Feed Roll 0.8/0.9mm V knurled (flux cored) WS220XE-10-3035 Tweco WeldSkill 220A MIG Torch, 3m WS220XE-12-3035 Tweco WeldSkill 220A MIG Torch, 3.6m 310.090.001 26V TIG Torch (4m) SG160XTA12-3035 Spool Gun (required for aluminium welding) W4014700 Basic Utility Cart W4015001 Single Cylinder Professional Cart W4015002 Dual Cylinder Professional Cart 10-4016 Remote Foot Control, 7.6m W7004930 Replacement Gas Hose

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